Propose Too™ Swag for Him



He put a ring on it and changed his status on social media.

Now what?

We have created some cool gifts to help him celebrate his engagement to you!

pin box resized

Our set of 3 pins (Frog Prince, “I put a ring on it” and Taken) is pretty special. It was designed in collaboration with Pizza Ships. You man can wear them together or as singles. On a jacket or a bag.

Only $29, you can buy them here.

pins resized

Here is a close up in a hand for scale.

By the way, it’s Okay if you borrow them! The frog prince is pretty cute.

Tee Shirt Resize

Our “I put a ring on it” Tee is soft and looks great on all body types. We have tested it in public places and it is as much of a conversation starter as a big diamond engagement ring! Engaged and proud. $25

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