Beautiful Beauty and the Beast Proposal


Gabrielle & Brennan

How They Met

gabrielle and brennan engagement

We met through his half-sister almost 7 years ago. She had been a life long friend of mine and I went to her dad’s house to spend the night. There I met Brennan and the three of us spent that evening talking and watching Brennan play video games. The next day we went swimming and played cards. After that day Brennan quickly became my very best friend. I would go to him if I needed advice on how to deal with friends or boyfriends and most phone calls lasted long into the night. We stopped talking a few times due to issues I had but when we found our way back into each other’s lives in December 2015 it was like no time had passed. Eventually we got to the point where we wanted to be around each other 24/7 and on May 26, 2016 we went to dinner and the local carnival where he asked me to be his girlfriend when we left.

The Proposal

gabrielle and brennan engagement disney beauty and the beast

The proposal, oh God that proposal. I could go on forever about how amazing it was. Brennan and I planned a weekend trip to New Orleans for our anniversary so we could visit the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium and maybe do a little shopping. I was told that we had dinner reservations at 7 on May 26, 2017 but when we stopped in front of Jackson Square I soon discovered that Brennan had a few tricks up his sleeve. He had hired Stacey with Project Proposals to help him out in planning and they did an amazing job. The carriage ride was perfect, even though I did talk the ears off our tour guide, and it fulfilled my long time desire to do a tour in New Orleans. After the carriage ride Brennan led me across the street to Washington Artillery Park & Moonwalk where he wanted to “take pictures” in front of the cathedral. We did, in fact, take a ton of pictures but what I didn’t expect was to hear Beauty & the Beast coming from a speaker and see the table that was set up. There was a photographer there getting pictures of my tear-filled yes and taking more of the two of us afterwards, something else that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I couldn’t have planned it better myself and I’ll always be grateful to him for thinking of all the things he did.

gabrielle and brennan disney proposal

The Engagement Ring

As for the ring. It’s a 14k white gold ring with a center diamond, two sapphires, and small diamonds going down the band from the center stones. I picked it for the vintage etching that is seen on the sides of the engagement ring, as well as on the top and sides of the wedding band. I really liked the fact that the wedding band does not have any stones on it and both rings have a very unique look to them. After looking at rings all day long and never really falling in love with them, when we walked into DeLane’s in Lafayette and I saw that ring, everything fell into place. It was absolutely perfect and I knew it was the one from the start. The original ring had all diamonds but I requested sapphires on the sides of the center stones for their meaning of faithfulness and sincerity.

gabrielle and brennan engagement ring

Photo Credit: Hi Volt Studios

Proposal Planner : Project Proposal NOLA

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