Sylvie Collection : 10 Engagement Ring Trends to Celebrate a Decade of Diamonds



As we celebrate Sylvie Collection’s 10 year anniversary, we wanted to celebrate our relationship by remembering our 10 favorite rings and trends she introduced in the last decade. Here they are!

sylvie engagement ring number 1

Cushion Halo Rings

We are major fans of  this  ring from the early days. The trend never went away.

sylvie engagement ring



sylvie engagement ring number 2

The Criss-Cross Look

This ring is a contemporary version of a style that has been part of The Sylvie Collection since way back then.  We love the mix of gold colors and textures.

criss-cross engagement ring sylvie collection

sylvie engagement ring number 3

3-Stone Settings

3-stone rings are symbolic of your past, present and future together. Filigree and milgrain details on engagement rings went out of style for a bit and now they are back on trend.

three stone engagement ring sylvie collection

sylvie engagement ring number 4

Fashion Jewelry and Cocktail rings

Sylvie started with bridal but after a few years decided to venture in cocktail rings and fashion jewelry. It’s been a very successful venture and you can spot her pieces on many celebrities on TV and on the Red carpet.

fashion ring sylvie collection

sylvie engagement ring number 5

Petite Rings

We remember the year Sylvie decided to design rings with smaller center stones for budget conscious or petite ladies. So pretty and a major trend in 2017!

petite engagement ring sylvie collection

sylvie engagement ring number 6

Vintage Style Rings

Milgrain became a big part of the Sylvie look a few years back and is still a very important part of the collection. Not every woman wants a sleek solitaire…

sylvie collection engagement ring


sylvie engagement ring number 7

Stackable Rings

Stacking rings is now a Must! The Sylvie Collection was one of the first manufacturer to offer a wide array of options to build the perfect stack. New designs are still added every year.

stackables engagement ring sylvie collection

sylvie engagement ring number 8

Floral Rings

An homage to the Victorian and Edwardian area, Sylvie’s vintage inspired floral rings that she introduced a couple of years ago are still super popular.

floral engagement ring sylvie

sylvie engagement ring number 9

Matching Sets

Matching wedding sets have been a long time trend but Sylvie’s new approach changed the game. Instead of trying to match a band to an engagement ring, she decided to create engagement rings to match her stackable bands. So neat!

sylvie engagement ring number 10


Elita is the special edition ring created to celebrate Sylvie’s 10th  Anniversary, such a statement piece!

vintage engagement ring sylvie collection

Cheers to the next 10 years Sylvie!

To visit the Sylvie Collection website click here.

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  1. Juan Torres says:

    Number 3 my wife would die for a ring with rose gold on it wow beautiful

  2. Juan Torres says:

    Sorry ment number 2

  3. Juan Torres says:

    This is coming from a guy that going to repurpose to my wife on her birthday February 15

  4. admin says:

    Awesome news! You can’t go wrong with a Sylvie ring!

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