6 New Trends of this Engagement Season


After reviewing hundreds of romantic proposals and ring picture submissions over the holidays, we can safely say that love is alive and well! Congratulations to all the newly engaged and for the others, keep the faith! How did you get engaged and what type of ring did you get? Here are the top 6 trends of this engagement season.

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1 – Fancy Diamond Shapes

Though round and cushion halos were still seen on a lot of fingers, many of you decided to gravitate towards fancy diamond shapes with rings featuring oval cut , pear-shape and marquise diamonds.

 engagement ring fancy shape

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2 – Family heirloom stones reset

Making your ring even more special, you elected to reset family stones. That’s what is amazing about fine jewelry that you pass on from generation to generation. You and your future children will always remember mothers and grandmothers who passed on. It’s a great way to honor the memory of those who came before.

family heriloom

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3 – Proposal and Engagement Party on the same day


Many proposals, especially around the Holidays happened close to family and friends. They became major assets to help you produce an amazing proposal and get it on picture or video. A majority of your family and friends participated and bore witness to your engagement this season. Which led in most cases to an informal engagement party right after.engagement party proposal

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4 – Proposal with kids


It’s a new day and age! Many of your already have children from a first union or baby comes before the ring. It led to a lot of super cute proposals including kids.holiday engagement children

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5 – Intimate proposals (Getaway or home)


Many of you decided on intimate proposals. It seems like the flash mob trend is gone for now. Either at home, on a date at a restaurant or during a getaway vacation. For the latter, a lot of resorts and hotels can help you and offer engagement packages.getaway proposal

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6 – They met on Tinder

People like to complain about the Tinder experience but it helped many of you find your soulmate. One out of 2 couples who submitted their proposal to us met or reconnected through the app.

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Photo Credits: Engagement Party Proposal by The Yes Girls, all other pictures submitted by real couples this engagement season.

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