Snapple Cap Proposal Idea


Do you like Snapple? When I was in high school I was one of those annoying kids who brought or bought a Snapple whenever I could and would always read the “Real Fact” on the cap aloud to whoever would listen to me. I still love them, even though apparently a lot of them actually aren’t “Real Facts”. See Snapple Cap #0– if you’re lucky.

But if you have a sweetie who loves these real facts, why not find a way to place your proposal in the cap instead– or a clue to your proposal? Here are two ideas!

1. Snapple Cap “Fact”.  Plan a picnic or lunch and have her favorite Snapple waiting. Hopefully she won’t notice that it’s already been opened– or you can “ashamedly” say you took a sip already. When she pops that cap to read the fact, instead have a sweet message or the simple, “Will You Marry Me?” pasted to the inside instead. Be ready and waiting on one knee for when she looks up at you.

2. Scavenger Hunt. This would be the perfect beginner to a scavenger hunt. Have your first clue on the top of the Snapple cap and the rest is in your hands.

What do you think? Could your engagement be a “Real Fact” proposal?


Photo Credit: Jeff Loves Jessica

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