A “Frozen” Proposal


A Karaoke Christmas Eve sounds pretty typical, right? To me it sounds awesome. This couple was spending time with their family and chose to sing a song from their favorite movie, Disney’s Frozen. For reference, the song they’re singing is at the end. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s really not just for kids. It’s probably one of my new favorites.

Moving on, since this is clearly not a movie review (if it’s still in theatres by you– GO SEE IT!)

So there’s a part in the song (that’s not included in their singing) where the guy says, “Can I ask you something crazy? Will you marry me?”

This guy took his cue, and the moment.

She doesn’t think he’s serious. It doesn’t matter that there’s a ring in front of her, eventually on her finger, or that he’s kneeling there on one knee. This girl is jumping up and down, beyond excited, but still not sure it’s really happening.

So. Adorable. Kind of like the movie, Frozen. Just sayin’.

One thing’s for sure in my mind. If my husband had proposed like this, you bet that song would have been worked into our wedding somehow!


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