Tips to propose while camping


Nothing says romance like the great outdoors. You have the starry night, fresh air, a cozy tent? What’s not to love! Here are three ways to create the perfect opportunity to propose while on a camping trip.

1) While watching a Sunrise
Sure, you may want to sleep in, but rolling out of bed early or staying up super late together in order to see that beautiful sunrise is worth it almost 100% of the time. Think about it. It’s incredibly beautiful and it’s probably a little nippy out. Throw an arm around her, admire the beautiful site and tell her how beautiful she is too. It’ll definitely be a magical moment to pop the question. It’ll be a memory to remember.

2) While making s’mores
If you have a fun, kid-at-heart sort of gal, she’ll LOVE making s’mores. Have fun being kids together and maybe smash a marshmallow in each other’s face or two.  Amidst the giggles, let her know how fun she makes life and ask her to be your wife.

3) Even if it all goes wrong…
Did it rain and leave you trapped in a tent? Did you have to struggle to start a fire? Get lost in the woods? Use a bad situation and relate it to how unpredictable life is, but mention how you couldn’t imagine spending the ups and downs without her. Not only will she think you’re incredibly deep, but how could she NOT say “YES!” (unless you somehow pissed her off during this bad situation…then you probably should wait).

How would you propose while camping?

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