Rihanna's Engagement Ring


Rumors have been flying about the “Rude Boy” singer’s pending engagement. So is she or is she not engaged? We have no idea, but we want to suggest some engagement ring styles for Rihanna anyway. The singer is known for her trendy, edgy style, so we think a big, bold edgy ring will suit her perfectly.


This engagement ring by Bez Ambar definitely has a flair for the dramatic. The way the large diamond sits in a suspended setting gives the ring that edgy, unique look while still staying a tad classic in its appearance. What do you think of this ring? Do you think it suits Rihanna’s usual style?

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  1. Brooke says:

    I LOVE that ring designed for Rhianna! Is that ring with possibly a princess cut diamond instead of a round diamond available to purchase anywhere?

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